1st Degree Byrne

Ready to kick start your summer and shed the last of that winter weight? Break out of hibernation with our 30 Day Jump Start. With this structured program to get you moving, sweating, burning fat and building muscle. No matter your fitness level! You are guaranteed for success!! So, what is your health and wellness worth to you??? For only $97 for your first month, you can experience everything that Spark Fitness has to offer to help you reach your fitness goals. Class structure will vary day to day focusing on functional strength and conditioning movements.

Conditioning Training

In this Metabolic Conditioning class expect a fast paced, fat burning workout. Here we will be working at a higher repetition with lower weights to get your heart pumping and increasing your endurance. Utilizing kettlebell movements, suspension training (TRX), and body-weight exercises with perfect form. These exercises and practices are to build the body up for either improved normal performance, or in preparation for sports performance.

Strength Training

Take your strength to the next level! In this class we will be focusing on building lean muscle mass and breaking PR’s. Strength training sessions are designed to impose increasingly greater resistance; which in turn stimulates development of muscle strength to meet the added demand.

Metabolic Training

Jump start the weekend with this fast paced, energetic, full-body weight training class. In here we will be focusing on both strength and conditioning movements to become a stronger, leaner and faster you!!!

Intro to Kettlebells

In this free 90 minute class. You will learn the basic movements to kettlebells from Swings to Snatches! You will leave feeling comfortable on proper technique and proper breathing to keep your body safe. This class is mandatory before attending any group training classes.