Our purpose is to help build healthy humans that are strong, feel good, and are well fed!

Our mission is to break the “crash diet” mindset and teach tools and habits that will last for life.  Your success is completely in your control.  You will learn how to eat intelligently for your body and how to eat in a manner that serves you, your goals, and your lifestyle. A healthy body begins with a strong mind. Together we will work to set goals, overcome any internal barriers, and attack other outside limiting factors that may be hindering your ability to succeed.  


Let me start out by saying that I have nothing but confidence in putting my nutrition in the hands of Robin Morris! Throughout my journey thus far with Robin, my entire relationship and perspective on food has totally changed! I love the healthier foods I eat and look forward to eating them all the time. My body is happy and most importantly, I feel so so good!! Robin has provided me with endless support, constant motivation, and the most valuable nutritional knowledge! She is 100 % dedicated to her clients and fine tuning a nutritional plan based on the needs and goals of each individual. Robin understands that we are not perfect and that there will be good weeks and bad weeks. Robin expresses true compassion. On my nutrition plan, I still enjoy the foods I love and enjoy life. I am in the best shape of my life and I am looking forward to what more my body is capable of. As long as I have Robin by my side, I will continue to be successful. Trust me, it’s a great investment!

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Whether you’re stuck at a plateau, want to gain strength, run farther, or are just starting to workout and focus on eating right for the very first time in your life, there is an answer and we will find it together.


Baby steps 👣 A couple months back, I decided to see a nutrition coach. When people hear that, they immediately hit me with you’re crazy you don’t need to lose any weight. I wasn’t looking for some crazy diet and to lose weight, I was simply looking for a way to eat cleaner that would coincide with my active lifestyle (working out about 5 days a week @sparkfitnessnj ). Seeing Robin , she helped me do just that, while still being able to enjoy my life. Slowly but surely, heading in the right direction.
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So often fitness and nutrition are looked at as “all or nothing” strategies. This mindset sets you up for inevitable failure. Together, we will determine what a “healthy” lifestyle looks like for you and you will be taught tools and strategies that will allow you to be successful for the long term.