Month: January 2017

close up of kettle bells

7 Reasons Why We Swing

1 – One of the Best Fat Loss Exercise

If your main objective is fat loss, then there are not many single exercises better than the kettlebell swing. The swing exercise targets multiple muscles in one movement creating huge demands on energy consumption which in turn means maximal calories burnt.

2 – Cardiovascular System

Swings are similar to sprinting. It takes a massive amount of oxygen to fuel the kettlebell swing, so it only takes between 20-60 seconds before your heart and lungs are really pushed to their maximum capacity.

3 – Increasing Strength Quickly

Big strength gains come from eccentric movements “Negative Movement” which involve lengthening muscles under load. The kettlebell swing loads well over a100 muscles eccentrically as you actively absorb the force from every swing movement. Now remember, the eccentric movements are what make your muscles feel sore the next day!

4 – Stabilizing the Shoulders and Knees

The weight of the kettlebell while performing the swing tries to pull the shoulder joints apart during the movement and as you fight to keep your joints in place and working on your posture, your “stabilizing muscles” become rapidly stronger. If you suffer with bad knees then often the swing can be tolerated due to the lack of excessive bend at the knee meaning you can still strengthen the legs, hips, and cardio without needing to squat or lunge.

5 – Learn Explosive Athletic Power

Sports are all about power. The faster you can release stored energy the more powerful you can move. The kettlebell swing develops lots of explosive power through the hips and legs which is vital for most sports. (Jumping, Sprinting, Agility, and Endurance)

6 – The World is Your Gym

Unlike lots of other exercises you hardly need any room to perform the kettlebell swing. Since your feet does not move and the kettlebell will only extend slightly further than your hands so you could workout anywhere with a 6-foot square space.

7 – Only One Kettlebell Required

The kettlebell swing is a very diverse exercise. You can start with the two-handed swing and as you out grow that movement instantly increase the intensity by using one hand.